​Klassiek op zondag │ Nina Spinosi (sopraan), Odée Mertzweiller (gitaar)​

30 oktober 2022, van 12:00 tot 12:45 | OBA Oosterdok

Kosten: toegang gratis | vrije inloop

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Na een onderbreking door Corona, zijn er dit najaar zijn er weer concerten licht klassieke muziek in de OBA Oosterdok! Serie in samenwerking met het Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Nina and Odée met in Conservatorium van Amsterdam(CvA) and started working together in 2020. The duo plays original music for guitar and voice but very quickly they felt the need to expand their repertoire. Italy animates them. They arrange melodies from Vivaldi and Bellini. Their challenge is to adapt the orchestral writing to the guitar and create new pieces. It brings them to the opera repertoire, in particular with the arrangement of the Giulietta's famous aria "Oh Quante volte" traditionally for voice and orchestra. This original formation brings an intimate universe and gives new perspectives.

For their concert, Odée and Nina have a wide program ranging from baroque pieces to traditional South American music, including also theatrical and dramatic character from Rossini and Bellini.

Come and enjoy the concert on the stairs to the OBA Café!

OBA Oosterdok | Oosterdokskade 143 | 1011 DL Amsterdam
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