​​Klassiek op zondag │ Duo Font-Rouy  ​

25 juni 2023, van 12:00 tot 12:45 | OBA Oosterdok | Trap bij OBA Café

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Enjoy your weekend with the free Sunday morning concerts by students of the Conservatorium Amsterdam at OBA Oosterdok! Come and listen to the Duo Font-Rouy (saxophone and guitar).

​​Duo Font-Rouy is based in Amsterdam formed by saxophonist Aina Font and guitarist Laura Rouy. 
​After years of playing together they became a multifaceted duo; classical and folk repertoire, contemporary and theatrical music… 

​“Creating a performance is not about putting beautiful music together, but about creating a link and an atmosphere that connect all the pieces, bringing a full experience to the audience,​ treating it almost as a haute cuisine tasting, with a special care of contrasts and balancing tensions”

​The very different nature of both instruments is one of the strongest characteristics of this duo, enhancing the best qualities of each in a mimic play, melting in one unique  sound, uncommon yet with endless possibilities. 
​Rêverie, C.Debussy 
​Danse Espagnole , M. De Falla 
​Pluie Oblique, Aristide Moari 
​Kokoro, J.D Michat  
​Sonate F. Rebay  
​Histoire De Tango (II and III) Piazzola 
Come on time to be sure of your place on the stairs to the OBA Café and enjoy! 

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