​​Klassiek op Zondag │ The Tipasa Duo ​

23 april 2023, van 12:00 tot 12:45 | OBA Oosterdok | Voor de trap naar het OBA Café

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Enjoy your weekend with the Sunday morning concerts at OBA Oosterdok!

The Tipasa Duo was created by a common interest in exploration. Looking for new musical texture, freedom of expression without judgement or pre-defined ideas. The improvisations are guided by the connection between the classical chamber music repertoire and other arts, such as literature or visual art; following each one's intuition to express a word, a feeling, an emotion and translate it into a musical experience. In our improvisation as a duo, but also as part of a bigger ensemble, we are dealing with the unforeseen, reacting with each other on the spot. The Tipasa Duo started in 2020 at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and they regularly invite other musicians to share improvisation sessions with them. With Tanine Kian (piano) and Manon Letort (clarinet).  

Come on time to be sure of your place on the stairs to the OBA Café and enjoy! 

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