​VRIJDAG JAZZ │ CHOCOS Miguel Valente (sax) Matteo Mazzú (basgitaar) and Pedro Nobre (drums)

28 oktober 2022, van 17:00 tot 17:45 | OBA Oosterdok - OBA Café

Kosten: toegang gratis | vrije inloop

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Chocos is a band of students of the CvA Jazz, with Miguel Valente (sax) Matteo Mazzú (basgitaar) and Pedro Nobre (drums).

Blasting intrepid kaleidoscopic melodies, constantly shifting between the sharp corners of post- modern jazz harmonies and indie like hooks: fearless liberty meets ear-catching soundscapes. Just kidding. CHOCOS is a trio that plays their heart out: they approach music from a place of love and discovery, seamlessly moving through different genres and combining the energy of Rock, the grooves of Indie, and the liberty of jazz. Their concerts are raw and exciting, driven by interaction, self-expression and a healthy-dose of Portuguese charm.

Come and enjoy on the stairs to the OBA Café in OBA Oosterdok!

OBA Oosterdok | Oosterdokskade 143 | 1011 DL Amsterdam
T: 020-5230900 | E: klantenservice@oba.nl