What do I have to do if my daily limit of free internet use has expired?

In the Central Library members of the OBA have access to the internet on library computers for a period of three hours a day. In the branches members have access for 30 minutes a day.

If you would like to have access to the internet for longer, you can buy a voucher at the point-of-sale terminal. The charge is € 1,- per 30 minutes and there is no further limit to the amount of time you can use the internet.

The use of the internet and the wifi network facilities is calculated in units of 30 minutes. If you use less than 30 minutes you will still be charged for the full period of 30 minutes.

Do you have a ‘Gebruikerspas’ and would you like to use the internet and wifi network facilities for a longer period you might consider buying an extra ‘Gebruikerspas’. This will double your limit of internet use.