OBA StudyShare: keep your focus

OBA StudyShare is the way to help you focus on studying, time management and personal productivity.

Study in a shared space at OBA Oosterdok (the central library). Mobile phones are switched off or can be handed in. There is a supervisor at the front. The 3-hour study blocks consist of 3 x 45 minutes and two scheduled 15-minute breaks, announced by a bell. A complete block is followed by a 45-minute lunch break. You can take part in two blocks a day: from 10:15 to 13:00, and from 13:45 to 16:30. 



OBA StudyShare: why?

OBA StudyShare:

  • strengthens your focus
  • improves your work
  • increases your productivity
  • helps you manage your time more effectively
  • puts you into an almost addictive study mood!

Dates & time slots 2019/2020

OBA Studyshare dates:

  • Friday, October 16 up to and including Wednesday, October 21
  • Sunday, January 3 up to and including Sunday, January 17
  • Saturday, May 1 up to and including Sunday, May 16 2021
  • Two study time slots each day: a morning block from 10:15 – 13:00, and an afternoon block from 13:45 – 16:30
  • Attended in either one or two blocks.
  • Located at OBA Oosterdok (central library)
  • No entrance fee

Get you free tickets!

OBA StudyShare is free. Get your free ticket at the OBA Oosterdok’s customer service desk on the ground floor (open from 10:00) before the start of the first block. Hand over your ticket to the supervisor before the block starts.

For the morning block you need a blue ticket and for the afternoon block a red one.

N.B.: Tickets are for that specific day, so you can only pick up one ticket per block per person.

If the block has been fully booked, you are welcome to find yourself another study desk at OBA Oosterdok (central library). There is usually enough space for studying on every floor.


Please e-mail your questions, reactions or remarks to:

Study Strategies

Tips for studying more effectively:

  • Apply time management. Do not postpone work to the very last moment.
  • Use the Pomodoro-technique: study during 45-minute blocks, followed by scheduled 15-minute breaks, and stick to this! Decide in advance on the number of blocks per day.
  • Turn off your phone, put it away or hand it in during your work session(s).
  • Do not study at home. Instead, study in a shared space with a team, for instance at OBA.
  • Do not share a table with people you know: this may distract you.
  • Decide in advance on your own rewards for sticking to your study resolutions. 

Install one of the following apps on your mobile phone: 

  • ClearFocus: Pomodoro Timer Android 
  • Pomodoro Timer
  • Forest

(iPhone offers similar apps, to be found in the Playstore and the AppStore.)

Our house rules

Do you fully want to benefit from StudyShare?

Stick to the rules:

  • Be on time: once the door is closed, you cannot enter. This is to make sure that everybody can work in peace.
  • Talking, using your phone or other social media is only allowed during the breaks.
  • A break means stepping away from work: no studying during breaks!
  • Eating in the study hall is not allowed, but drinking is.


Since May 2015 hundreds of secondary school and university students have participated in StudyShare and rated their studying experience at an average of 8.5 out of 10.

A few reactions:

"This has been the most productive Sunday of my life."

"As everybody is quiet, not fiddling with phones or anything, you think: well, I might as well join in then. Actually, we all boost one another’s motivation."

"The school-like setting of tables and chairs works for me.
I could go on Facebook, but since everyone behind me could see that, I won’t."

The idea

StudyShare, based on the Pomodoro-technique (G.Cirillo) and on Marli Huijer’s ideas on discipline, was initiated by Frank Verbeek, an OBA librarian. As Marli Huijer, our Philosopher Laureate, states: "We need discipline, but without a sense of duty or guilt. StudyShare is a serious initiative to help us modify discipline — we outsource it."