House rules

House rules

Welcome to the OBA

These house rules apply in all OBA locations, to make sure that everyone feels at home here. Respect between the visitors and employees is the most important thing. We can create a pleasant environment together!

Safe for everybody

The general rules for public spaces apply in the OBA. Aggression, vandalism, theft and insults are not permitted. Treat each other and each other's belongings with respect.


A lot of visitors come here to read, study or work. Make sure you don't disturb your fellow visitors with loud conversations (including calls) or music.

Eating & drinking

Everyone wants a clean library. That's why you may only eat and drink in the designated places. Dispose trash in the waste bin or take it with you.


In Amsterdam, stimulants are forbidden in public spaces. That's why you're not allowed to smoke, use drugs or drink alcohol.


Service dogs are welcome. Other pets cannot come inside.


Our employees will make sure that everyone complies with these house rules. Listen to their instructions. lf you do not, we will have no other choice than to deny you access.


Do you have questions or tips? Visit our customer service or call us on +31 20 523 09 00.

Enjoy your stay!