Computer and Wi-Fi use

On this page you will find all information about Wi-Fi and computer use in the OBA. In the OBA, everyone can make use of free Wi-Fi and workplaces without a computer. The use of the computers (including internet) is free for OBA members, while non-members do have to pay for this.

Wi-Fi at the OBA

OBA visitors can use Wi-Fi in the OBA for free on their own phone, tablet or laptop. It works like this:

Request a Publicroam account (via your own network or on a public PC of the OBA). You do this by downloading the Publicroam app for Android or Apple. Don't want an app? You can also register by entering your details here. You will then receive a text with an activation code:

Next, in the OBA, choose the ‘Publicroam’ network under your Wi-Fi settings.

Need help? Ask one of the OBA employees on site. Flyers with instructions are also available at our branches.

  • Convenient is the fact that you can also use free Wi-Fi in a large number of other places in the city, including at all district offices of the municipality of Amsterdam, with the same Publicroam account. An overview of all locations can be found on
  • Note: to use publicroam, you need a mobile number.
  • You can find an explanation for each device at

OBA PC subscription

Did you know that you can also take out an OBA PC subscription? You cannot borrow books with this, but you can use the PCs in the OBA.

Unfortunately, neither a voucher nor an OBA card guarantee an available computer or workplace. The OBA works on the basis of a best efforts obligation. No rights can be derived from the fact that the use of internet and Wi-Fi is subject to a fee. Also read the General Terms and Conditions for the use of Wi-Fi at the OBA.